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Committed to reducing the gap between rich and poor through unconditional basic income

UBI Taiwan’s mission is to bring the discussion of Universal/Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) to Taiwan. Since our founding, UBI Taiwan has been dedicated to exposing serious issues that are often overlooked in Taiwan, such as rising income inequality and stagnant wages. Basic income is one important method to address this growing sense of precariousness in Taiwan. We believe that basic income is a human right that should be guaranteed by Taiwan’s government. No person should ever be denied their basic necessities, which is a fundamental element for securing all other human rights. In order to preserve the democratic freedoms and identity of Taiwan, all Taiwanese must have a basic sense of financial security. UBI Taiwan organizes the annual TCA Digital Society Summit.

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Digital Society Summit

The UBI Digital Society Summit is an annual meeting that brings international experts together to explore innovative policy solutions to the challenges of the coming digital society.

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