Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance

TABF is dedicated to financial education, public communications, and research, as TABF strives to improve the skills of finance professionals and financial literacy.

Since May of 2000, when TABF was officially established through the merger of the Banking Institute of the Republic of China (BIROC) and the Banking and Finance Institute (BFI) as an important policy initiative of the financial authorities to strengthen the competitive advantages of Taiwan's financial sector, TABF has played a critical role in all aspects of the modernization and globalization of Taiwanese banks. TABF is both a financial policy think tank and talent training center., TABF aims to strengthen the competitiveness of Taiwan's financial sector, boost the public's financial literacy, facilitate financial inclusion and support Taiwan's industrial transformation. In line with these goals, TABF serves as a platform for discussion about the financial sector among industry, government, academia, and society. A number of our recent business innovations have borne fruit. The 2019 FinTech Taipei expo was double the size of the previous one with the participation of nearly 50,000 attendees and 13 countries, an example of Taiwan's burgeoning fintech prowess. We built an audio-visual platform for financial inclusion education and policy advocacy, and also researched green finance to create sustainable solutions for Taiwan’s energy transformation. As global financial power continues to shift, we stand at the forefront of finance, meeting challenges sustainably through technology, inclusion, and planning, helping Taiwan build its place in the international business world.

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